Are You Making Promise? Big, Huge, Promises?

Are you making promises?

To deliver the promise no one else in your industry dares to make! That’s what marketing is … That’s what your business must be. Alive, growing, committed to keeping a promise no competitor would dare to make.” Michael Gerber – The E-Myth Book

What about your business and your promises to your clients? Do you make any? Are they the same kinds of promises most other companies like yours make or do you push a little harder and offer a little more?

You may know of Mattress Mac and Gallery Furniture. If you live in the Houston area you surely know of his companies promise. “NO BACK BACK BACK ORDERS! BUY IT TODAY, GET IT DELIVERED TONIGHT!”

That’s a huge promise in the furniture business and if you have shopped at other furniture stores you know they have a hard time making a promise like that. I have always admired the way Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale does business. He markets with big promises and makes sure his team is equipped to deliver on them.

After reading that quote from the E-Myth book and thinking about it for a while I had to come to terms with the fact that my company was not promising anything out of the ordinary. What I offered wasn’t much different than most other companies that do what I do. I needed to step up my game and make a promise that was hard and develop a system that would ensure I could keep it.

That is what I did and I would like to offer it to you. My company, Bright Web Systems is promising to do more than other web development companies. Right now, we are promising to take our clients web presence and manage it completely. While most other web companies are trying to get customers to pay to “Do it Yourself!” I am offering to do it all for you. Everything. From site design, to SEO, Search management, social and local listing promotion, analysis and reporting, content creation and maintenance. Everything is included in one package. We promise to not build a site and send you on your way. We promise to take care of your company’s web presence for life.

What promises can you make and keep that will knock the socks off your clients and get them talking about your  company?